Sites that offer cheap cars to buy in the UK

Are you looking to pick up a bargain on your next car purchase? The best way to do this is to go down the pre-owned car route, but you have to be careful that the car you are buying isn't a hunk of junk! In this blog, we are going to give you our guide on cheap cars to buy in UK.

There is an absolutely massive market in the UK for buying used cars, and it is generally an extremely safe investment to make. However, you can keep yourself extra protected by taking a number of steps to check out that the car is in good condition before you take the plunge. Firstly, we recommend comparing the mileage on the odometer to the general condition of the car. A worn steering wheel and an odometer showing low mileage should immediately raise issues.

Similarly, an older vehicle with virtually new gearstick and pedals may indicate that something is being hidden. Tampering with the odometer in a car is illegal, so if you suspect this has been done, don't buy the car. We also suggest taking a full look at the car's VC5 registration document to establish who owns the vehicle you are buying. Often unscrupulous sellers may try and sell you a car without one of these, and it could be a stolen car!

Never, under any circumstance, view a car in the rain, in poor light, or at night. View it only in daylight, in an open area that allows you to walk around the entire car and inspect it closely. The reason for not viewing in the rain is that water obscures scratches and imperfections.

For a complete and comprehensive guide to buying a used car, we recommend checking out what the AA have to say at theaa.com.


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