Are you looking for sites offering cheap exhausts in Telford?

Are you based in the Telford are and looking for an emergency change of exhaust on your car? There are few more inconvenient auto related mishaps than your exhaust playing up, resulting in you being forced off the road. We have you covered though as we check out where to find cheap exhausts in the Telford area. So lets get you back on the road without spending a fortune!

Replacing the exhaust in your car can be a slightly pricey prospect, but if you know where to look, bargains can be found! With this in mind, we suggest you check out Tel Tyres, Telford's largest tyre and exhaust company. While they don't have a dedicated site, they do have ap age on Best Place, which you can find at http://www.bestplace.co.uk/showbusiness.asp?id=256. They are based at Springhill, Wellington Shropshire TF1 3NA, and can be reached over the phone at 01952 249 228. They offer the full range of exhausts, fully guaranteed for most makes of vehicle. They offer a 5% discount on exhausts on the spot if you mention Best Place, so check them out.

Another fantastic tyres and exhaust company operating in the Telford area is Telford Exhausts, and you can check out their site at www.exhaustsandtyres.com/. Telford Exhausts are based at Ketley Business Park in Telford, and can be contacted by phone at 01952 248 080. They offer the revolutionary PowerFlow Exhaust system, and they do some fantastic deals on combining exhausts and labour, so they are well worth a look for bargain seekers.

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