Where can you find the best price on cheap new cars?

Are you in the market for a new car but your budget isn't huge? Car makers are feeling the pinch right now due to the depressed economy, and there are a huge amount of savings to be made for the savvy consumer on a brand new car. In this blog, we check out your options for sites offering cheap new cars, so lets have a look!

There's nothing quite like spoiling yourself with a brand new car. Breaking it in, enjoying that new car smell, it is why so many people don't bother with the second hand market. Getting a good price can be one of the drawbacks to this though, but if you start your search by pointing your browser at Money Supermarket - www.moneysupermarket.com/, you can get your hunt off on the right foot with some superb offers. Money Supermarket have a comprehensive new cars section with innovative deals like reverse auctions on new cars. They also have access to a huge amount of garages and dealers, so you can instantly see who is offering the best deal on a car.

Another site well worth a few minutes of your time is UK Car Discount at www.uk-car-discount.co.uk/. This site does exactly what it says on the tin. It offers huge savings on brand new cars, and even has a massive range of pre-registered cars which are new cars that have simply already been registered.

If you would like to try out the world's "Cheapest Car" then simply point your browser towards the website of the revolutionary Tata Nano - www.tatanano.com/ . This Indian car has finally reached the UK, and can be bought brand new for just a few thousand pounds!

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