What are your options for finding cheap new cars in the UK

Are you on the lookout for cheap new cars in the UK? If so, then you have probably already noticed that the new car market hasn't quite adjusted to the economic realities out there right now and prices are still a bit too high. The real value in finding a cheap new car is getting one that will offer excellent efficiency as you go along, and those cars are hybrid cars.

Perhaps the most famous of all of these hybrid cars is the Toyota Prius. The Prius is a technological marvel, matching a compact and powerful battery with a conventional engine to help deliver an unrivalled driving experience. The Prius can amazingly run on electric power alone for up to 12.5 miles and at speeds up to 62mph with zero fuel consumption and emissions!

Once this battery power is used up, the car effortlessly switches over to conventional fuel and the journey continues. You won't even have to charge it, because every time you jam on the brakes, the negative energy you create refills the battery, so once it's full, you can essentially keep using the battery for free transport. Brilliant eh?

Another excellent option for people looking for a cheap to run car is the Nissan Leaf, the world's first commercially viable electric car. Nissan make some big claims about the Leaf. The car maker claims an average driver will get 117 kilometres (73 mi) from a single charge, with a combined fuel economy at at 99 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent.

It currently retails for £28,000, and while that may seem slightly excessive, remember, you will NEVER have to buy petrol for it. So every time you take it out, you are saving money.

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