Is it possible to buy cheap new cars under 6000?

If you are hunting for a new car but you are on a limited budget, then we believe we may just have found the perfect car for you! The world's cheapest car is set to hit the UK in late 2011, and it is likely to be priced at just £4,500 brand new! So if you are looking for cheap new cars under 6000, then this fits the bill perfectly!

Generally, it's like trying to find Hen's teeth trying to find new cars below £10,000, but the revolutionary Tata Nano is set to blow all the competition out of the water when it makes an eagerly awaited bow in the UK in late 2011. It originated as a low-cost, safe car for Indian roads, but it is coming to Britain in a beefed up model from the company who owns Rover.

The car was the brainchild of Tata's owner Ratan Tata, who was becoming concerned at the high casualty rates among young people in India who hang off fast travelling scooters. Orders for the car have already gone through the roof at Tata's Indian factory, with 50,000 pre-orders for the vehicle. The car complies with all EU safety and emissions rules, and it is very much a "no-frills" car, coming as standard without a radio or airbags.

It is perhaps the lowest emmision car on the market, offering 67 miles per gallon of travel, and 101g/km of emissions, bringing it in below even the Toyota Prius hybrid! Top speed is just 65 miles per hour, but when the car is this cheap, who cares!

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