Looking for cheap road legal electric quadbikes?

Riding quad bikes makes for a fun outdoors leisure pursuit, however many manufacturers are now making quadbikes for roads and highways. With ECWVTA approval, a certificate of conformity and minimum speed and weight standards meeting the rules set out in the Road Traffic Act of 1988, your quad bike is ready for action. So now that you can drive road legal quads out in the streets, where is the best place to buy one? Here's a look at some cheap road legal electric quadbikes currently on sale in the UK.

At the budget end of the electric quadbike market is the Quadzilla 150E CVT Road Legal Sport. This model currently costs from £1,699 from online store proppa.com, making it an affordable option. The quad comes equipped with features such as a 4 stroke air cooled engine, front and rear swing arm suspension and drum and disc brakes. This quad uses an automatic gear system, so ideal for beginners.

For a more luxurious and high-spec option, and one that is bound to impress your mates, why not take a look at the Apache RLX 450 Manual quad? This high end motor is a modern, wide chassis quad capable of reaching speeds such as 45 HP, great for racing. The quad is powered by an impressive DOHC 4 valve liquid cooled 450cc engine. This quad costs from around £4,794.

A guaranteed crowd pleaser and one of the world's first electric road legal quad bikes is the GEM Qaudriga. The Qaudrige is great for off road adventures as well as on road driving, boasting an on-road range of 30 miles. Exempt from road tax and coming with AGM maintenance free batteries, this robust and easy to use model may save you money in the future, despite costing around £6499 initially.

So there are plenty of cheap road legal quadbikes out there, utilising both electric and fuel energy sources.

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