We look for the best place to buy cheap second hand alloys online

If you want to give your car some personal touches and really make it stand out from the other cars on the road then you should consider adding some nice alloys to it. While the temptation might be to make sweeping changes to the look of your car the simple, understated look of alloys can bring your vehicle to a whole new level without costing you thousands of pounds.

The beauty of alloys is that they'll add to the value of your car should you ever decide to sell it on, and you'll rarely find that potential buyers disagree with your taste so much that they'll point blank refuse to buy because of them. When you add things like scoops or spoilers to your car, as well as custom paint jobs or vinyl decals, you run a real risk of falling afoul of insurance companies who need very little by way of excuses to ramp up your annual insurance premiums. This is simply not the case when you buy alloys.

Many people think that alloys are well out of their price range, and when buying new this may definitely be the case. Some of the top of the range alloys cost huge amounts when bought new, with some costing as much as four figures for a single wheel. That's certainly not something we would recommend unless you're among the most dedicated of petrol heads.

Instead, we recommend you take a look at secondhandalloys.co.uk, a site dedicated to bringing you cheap second hand alloys at prices that simply won't be bettered. They offer a huge range of alloys from 13" right up to 22", as well as tyres and other car accessories.

Shipping is guaranteed within two to four days, and they offer a seven day return policy in case you're not satisfied with your order. You can contact them directly with any queries by phone at 0800 411 8005 or by email at secondhandalloys@gmail.com.

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