Cheaper Car Insurance

For years young drivers have been penalised for being young when it comes to driving and have had to pay a premium for car insurance, well of course that what young drivers would have you believe, but thanks to a little insurance rejig it looks like that could soon change.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is going to make drivers aged between 19-25 eligible for car insurance, all they have to do is enrole for their advanced driving test. If they then pass this vigorous exam this legal certificate can be shown to all car insurance providers who then oblige and offer them a lower rate. Nice.

IAM CEO Simon Best says: ‘The insurance industry has been quick to penalise young drivers, but is much slower to do anything to help improve their driving standards’.

As always, things are too good to be true, the only catch is the IAM course will cost all young drivers £139 to do, and of course they’ll have to pass it, otherwise they have to repay until they do.

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