Where to find cheaper used cars in Northern Ireland

Sick of driving the same tired old set of wheels around? There are literally thousands of reasonably priced pre-owned cars out there, so if you are based in the Northern Ireland area, then we are here to help, as we present the best places to find cheaper used cars in Northern Ireland. Lets get going!

While the England based car sites are quite useful on your search, you will still have to wade through a sea of cars based in Britain to get what you are looking for. This is why we prefer going straight to a Northern Ireland based dealer, and that dealer is the Ulster Trader at ulstertrader.com. Ulster Trader remain hugely popular because they allow people to sell their car for free, without any cost! They have an extensive search engine for cars, and they even have a huge Republic of Ireland import section. They are well worth a look.

Another Northern Ireland only resource that is hugely useful is the Used Cars NI site at usedcarsni.com. This site claims to have access to more cars in Northern Ireland than any other site, and they have a huge section dedicated to commercial vehicles, so if you are looking for one of those, then point your browser this way. Like Ulster Trader, they also run an extensive import section for cars from the Republic of Ireland.

Finally, the UTV Group have a thriving used car section on their site at utvdrive.co.uk. It's well worth keeping an eye on if you are hunting for a bargain!


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