Get the cheapest car rental prices in London with our great guide

If you're planning a trip to the English capital this summer and need the freedom of your own car, you can save yourself a fortune with this guide to finding the cheapest car rental in London. Before we continue, we think it's only fair to point out to those of you not familiar with London that the traffic is exceptionally heavy. It can also be very expensive to park in any of the more central areas, and you'll also be subject to congestion charges in certain areas.

However if you're planning on seeing the sights on offer away from the glare of the big city lights such as Hampton Court, or perhaps a trip to the world famous Oxford University, you'll definitely get value for money on your car rental costs.

In order to find the very best prices available, we decided that it would be much more convenient to search for websites that will do the hard work for us. It's not that we're lazy, it's just that we want to be able to offer you the very best solution available for your car hire needs.

After researching the options available, we found that travelsupermarket.com offers the best search facility by quite some distance. It will take the criteria you entered and search all the major car rental companies in the local area before presenting the results to you in order of price, ranked cheapest to most expensive.

The best price for the seven day quote we applied for came from Argus Car Hire, who offered a 2 door Mini Economy car for just £110.81 for seven full days. If you were hoping for something a little bigger, the same company offers a 4 door Economy for just £126.94 for the week.

For those of you travelling with the kids, Auto Europe had the best price for a medium family car at just £170.51 beating eBookers.com and Budget by just under £10.

The cheapest luxury car, for those of you who like to travel in comfort and style, is available from Argus Car Hire at a cost of £376.84 for the week. It's certainly far removed from being the cheapest car rental in London, but if you have the money they why not treat yourself?

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