Pay less with the UK's cheapest lease cars

Sometimes buying a car just isn't an option. Whether you simply don't have enough money to afford a brand new vehicle, or you'd like to focus your savings on other outgoings instead, you don't need to resort to buying an old piece of junk just to keep yourself on the road.

These days more and more Britons are opting to lease their cars rather than buying outright. Rather than committing yourself to paying off the entire cost of the vehicle, you'll instead be able to agree a fixed term with the car lease company for a set monthly payment. When the contract term is up you can simply return the car, extend the lease for another fixed period or exchange it for a newer model. There really isn't a better option to keep you on the road with new, reliable vehicles for affordable prices than to take the leasing approach.

When it comes to the cheapest lease cars in the United Kingdom, there are two main companies that we would recommend unreservedly. The first, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, was established in 2002 and is currently one of the top car and van leasing companies in the UK today. With a wide range of vehicles on offer, and more being added each week, you'll be able to take advantage of the full manufacturer warranty and breakdown assistance offered with every lease.

Some of the prices on offer at their website, located at www.nationwidevehiclecontracts.co.uk, include The Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer for just £195.95 per month, or the Saab 9-3 Convertible for just £249.95 per month.

The second company we recommend is www.leasecarsdirect.co.uk. They offer a huge selection of cars offered on their website directly from the official car dealerships themselves. You can cut out the middleman by opting to use this service and leasing direct from the source. Some of the great prices listed on the website right now include the Ford Focus Diesel Hatchback for just £196 ex. VAT per month, or the Mini Cooper S Diesel Convertible for £241.97 ex. VAT per month.

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