Cheapest limo hire in London

Whether you need a limo to impressive a client or if you’re just looking to wow your girlfriend, you won’t want to pay over the odds for it. But is the cheapest limo hire in London the sort of service you could impress anyone with? We’ve had a look into this for you.

Where to look

This isn’t the sort of service that sells itself on its price. People who are looking for a limo hire want to know which car they’ll get, what amenities the limo offers and how long they can have the car for. The price is secondary but it’s obviously important. If you do a simple Google search, you get a bewildering choice of firm. Instead head to Gumtree at gumtree.com/business-services/london/limo+hire. Beware the sponsored links at the top of the site as they’re not always the best value services. Under those though you’ll find a great selection of limos for hire some list the basic hire charge while other listings try to entice you to their site.


The guys at easylimo.co.uk advertise themselves as the best value in London. While that’s not necessarily true, their site is very helpful so this is a site that’s worth your time. You can put your pick up and drop off points in along with the times, the amount of passengers and the quantity of luggage you’ll be carrying and get a quote.


Another site that’s worth a look is limobroker.co.uk. These guys have everything from the typical stretched Lincoln Towncar to more exotic limos like a pink stretched Hummer, a Range Rover limo, three Porsche Cayenne limousines and even an elongated Ferrari 360 complete with gullwing doors. If you book with these guys online you’ll save 10% but you’ll need to get a quote first before you can work out if they offer the sort of value for money you’re looking for.

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