Save Money on a Used Van at a Chelmsford Van Auction

Whatever the reason is that you are looking for a used van, going to a Chelmsford van auction is a great way to save money. If you are confident in your ability to spot a good vehicle, then an auction is an excellent way to make your next auto purchase.

Where Do the Vehicles Come From

Vehicles are put up for up for auction for a variety of reasons. Many are from company or government fleets, such as cabs, police cars or document delivery services. Others have been repossessed by financial companies because the buyer defaulted on their loan. Still others come from car dealerships who take them in on trade. Some vehicles are seized by law enforcement.

How Auto Auctions Work

Locate van auctions in your area. Not all auction houses deal with vans or commercial vehicles. Some are only involved in classic car auctions. Go to the facility and ask for a catalogue or view it online. When you find a van that you are interested in, find out when it will be available for preview. Do as thorough a check of the vehicle as you possibly can.

You will be required to register with the auction house. Each auction facility has different requirements, regarding deposits on highest bid, and when you will be expected to pay the balance and pick up your vehicle. Check with each company for their policy regarding acceptable payment types and other requirements.

How to Find an Auction

The Internet is probably the best place to locate auctions. Websites such as buyyourcar.co.uk, uk.local.yahoo.com and bizwiki.co.uk offer listings of auction companies and locations. A few auction houses in the Chelmsford area are Chelmsford Car Auction, Aston Barclay Chelmsford, and British Car Auctions Bedford. Whether you are looking for utility vans, delivery vans or simply something roomy to drive, a Chelmsford van auction will save you money on your purchase.

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