Chevrolet faces CO2 fine

Chevolet tops a list of manufacturers set to be fined for failing to meet carbon emission targets that come into force in 2012.

Its average emission rating of 148.06g/km for cars sold in the first half of the year is some way short of the 122.67g/km target set by the EU.

'Some of the companies at the bottom of the table have big expansion plans, but unless they get a grip on CO2 outputs, they are going to face a glass ceiling of 300,000 sales per year,' said Jay Nagley, publisher of Clean Green Cars.

'Selling more than 300,000 cars a year, while missing the target by 20 g/km, would incur a fine of over €1,500 for every car sold, which is an impossibly high figure.'

The actual EU target is 130g/km, but each manufacturer has been given an individual target based on the weight of cars it sells.

Other brands needing to buck up their ideas are Mazda and Mercedes, both of which are short of the mark on their carbon emissions targets.

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