Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

As major players in car market spend more of their hard earned millions on manufacturing the definitive green mode of transport a little dark horse from the UK may have found the answer to the world’s fossil fuel problem, or maybe not.

The brain child of environmentalist Buzz Knapp-Fisher, The Womble Truck is made from 21 different cars, runs on vegetable oil and has a top speed of 110mph. Vroom vroom! Buzz started working on his vision six years ago he snapped up its first component vehicle for £250 and since then has been adding more bits and bobs when and where necessary.

Talking about his Womble Truck he said: ‘She has been very reliable over the years and so I haven't really had to replace anything. The aim of the exercise is to apply the different methods of moving around but proving to people that you don't need oil.’

Adding: ‘We will have to start living a low carbon lifestyle and a lot of people in the country are using electric or biodiesel cars and so there is a growing move towards it.’

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