Chocolate car

Apparently, it’s a Valentine’s Day tradition in Japan that women must by chocolates for men. But Tadaaki Wakamutsu, a luxury jewellery designer and chocolatier, decided that while chocolate’s all very well, what men really like is cars.

In a moment akin to Archemedes’ famous ‘eureka’ experiment, he came up with the idea to combine the two concepts, autoblog reports. But early attempts of building the car out of chocolate, or dousing a car in chocolate, by all reports proved unsatisfactory.

So, the designer instead created a wee smart car that only looks like it is made of chocolate.

The vehicle has its own colour scheme – a mixture of brown and gold is used for the doors giving it a distinct air of Dairy Milk.

But unfortunately, you’re going to need quite a few coco beans to buy this baby. The ‘chocosmart’ is retailing at a price of JPY2.36 million ($28,000), which is considerably more than the fortwo’s standard price of JPY1.84 million ($22,000).

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