Looking for Chopper Motorcycles

As with most luxury bikes, Chopper motorcycles are a way of life, shaping your very perspectives and attitudes. They are bikes that are modified in artistic ways that sometimes defy reason – but look stunningly good. It is an American culture originating from the west coast region of California, but you can now get your bike ‘chopped’ right here in the UK.


You can buy your own Harley Davidson or Star and take it to the choppers with the specifications of what you want modified, or choose from a selection of already chopped bikes (usually imported from the USA). Important motorcycle parts that are modified include the body, the steering bar and the tyres. It goes without say that the engine can also be tweaked to make your bike sound like a monster from hell.

Get the Real Deal

There is, lastly, the option of getting your specifications down in an e-mail and sending it to the companies in America, such as the well-known West Coast Choppers. You will have to incur the shipping costs, but that is the only way of getting the ‘real deal.’ You will also need a lot of patience. However, this is the closest you can get to looking like your childhood hero.

Where to Get It Done

Your nearby bike mechanic can recommend places you can get chopper bikes. Currently, there are not many places in the UK that offer this services. Below are some choppers you can find on the Internet within the UK area:

  • Ukchoppers.co.uk
  • Onlinechoppers.co.uk
  • Ukamerican.co.uk

So, if you have made up your mind to go for one of the chopper motorcycles, prepare your wallet (a chopper job can cost upwards of £500) and prepare to turn heads!

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