Introducing the Citroen DS4

Olivier Vincen, exterior designer for the Citroen DS4, said that they wanted to get the look of an urban vehicle that was able to tackle obstacles but was also agile. It is quite a tall car but sticks to the road and doesn't lean like you might expect from a tall car.

The Citroen DS4 was tested on the TV show Fifth Gear and they described the car in one word – suave. It is a great looking car: the interior looks good and the exterior looks well also. The car as standard comes with EBD, EBA, ESP, front and rear curtain airbags, hill start assist function, day time running LEDs, 17 inch alloys, heated door mirrors, CD player and AUX socket, anti theft alarm and everything else you would expect from a new car.

The performance of the car is decent, with a top speed of 146 mph and 0-62mph in 8.5 seconds (THP 200 6 speed manual petrol engine). The model that has the best MPG and least CO2 emissions is the e-HDI 110 Airdream EGS6 diesel engine showing 64.2 MPG and 114g/km CO2. It is a quite a spacious car and comes with good safety equipment.

Every new Citroen comes with a 3 year warranty and they offer extended warranty for an extra year or two years. Prices for the DS4 begin at £18,150 and go up to £23,950. It is a good family car with all the safety features included: it's spacious and has plenty of storage space.

However, the price does seem a tad high for a family car - for around £20,000 there is a lot of competition against the Citroen DS4. By all means check out the brochure for more information, but also look at what else you could get for the money and weigh up your options.

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