Citroen Hypnos Hailed as Concept Car of the Year

Autocar Magazine named Citroen Hypnos the Concept Car of the Year for its bold, bleeding-edge design and sophisticated features. The four-wheeled diesel-electric hybrid was unveiled in the 2008 Paris Auto Show, drawing admirers from all over the world.

Citroen Hypnos’ exterior shouts exquisite style with its glossy grey finish, pillar-less roof, and generous 22-inch wheels. But its interior hollers even louder with its daring rainbow colours, diamond-shaped instrument clusters, and four “morphologically sculpted,” massaging seats. Leather and brushed aluminium make up the cabin, combining style and comfort in the luxurious package. Thermo-sensitive ambient lighting, which adjusts itself as the temperature changes, is part of the deal, too.

Showcasing the classic, elegant style of an athletic coupe, the “comfort of a saloon, and the practical space of an SUV,” Citroen Hypnos is one hot concept car. Don’t forget that this set of wheels passes the “green test” too, with its 4WD hybrid drivetrain and economical 200 hp 2.0 HDi engine, which has an electric motor that guarantees efficient performance and zero emission.

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