Clarkson says

If Excite Money had a pound for each time Jeremy Clarkson has managed to whip up a storm, we'd no doubt be kicking back in Barbados sipping some highly spiced fruit drink.

But we don't, though Clarkson refuses to let up, and this time the object of the Top Gear man's ire is not Gordon Brown or electric vehicles but the Welsh language.

'I think we are fast approaching the time when the United Nations should start to think seriously about abolishing other languages. What's the point of Welsh, for example? All it does is provide a silly maypole around which a bunch of hotheads can get all nationalistic,' said the presenter in his weekly newspaper column in The Sun, reports Metro.co.uk.

What the Welsh language has done to Clarkson we don't know, but getting rid of something just because it's important only to a minority of people is not, we think, a brilliant idea. For Welsh speakers who cannot speak English, you are at least spared the banality of Jeremy Clarkson's motor mouth. Isn't it time that he retired?

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