Classic Cars in Ireland: Tax and Insurance Guide

If you are into classic cars in Ireland, tax and insurance have to be active on a car at all times. The rates differ significantly from non classic cars and so do the rules regarding driving. We will guide you through the ins and outs of the tax and insurance requirements for Irish classic car owners.

Law of the Land

The laws on classic cars in Ireland regarding tax and insurance are a little different than laws in the UK. In Ireland, a car is classed as a vintage vehicle if it is older than 30 years. This period is judged from the original date of registration rather than the date of manufacture. However, should there be a lack of documentation on your classic car from the first registration then the date of manufacture will be taken as a starting point for the 30 year period.

Any car which is classed as vintage automatically qualifies for a special rate of car tax as well as being eligible for cheaper insurance premiums. Currently, the annual rate for vintage car tax is 48 euro no matter what the engine size is. Qualifying in the Vintage class also means that your classic car will be exempt from the National Car Test (NCT) once it is older than 1980.

As for insurance, classic cars usually benefit from lower insurance rates once you agree to a certain figure of limited mileage per year. It often is the case that insurers will require or even expect you to hold an insurance policy on another primary vehicle before accepting you on a vintage insurance policy.

Shop Around for Insurance

When looking to cover classic cars in Ireland, tax and insurance laws need to be followed completely. It can be a lot easier to obtain insurance if you are over 25 years of age but if you are under 25 and have an insurance policy on another car then this can help overcome this issue. The key as always though is to shop around and ask insurance companies to beat quotes from rival companies.

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