Learning About Classic Cars

Classic cars have been identified in many ways. Classifying cars that are deemed classic has been subject to debate. Classification in some countries is needed for tax purposes. This is necessary when high net worth individuals seek write-offs and tax credits. Classification may depend on the age of the car, the brand of the vehicle, type of engine or design. Classic cars are known for their vintage looks, craftsmanship and features.

Classic Styles

Classic cars have been recognized for being manufactured between 1925 through 1948. Some classic cars, however, produce in the 1960's and 1970's have also been considered classic due to the limited production of the vehicle units. Factors that distinguished these cars were the make and model, unique designs and style.


The Maybach was first introduced in 1921 at the Berlin Motor Show. The car company started out as a father and son team. The car was known for its extravagant pricing. During its release and even in its present day, the Maybach is a pricey car that is suited for high net worth individuals. The Maybach is a luxury vehicle and advanced with technological innovation. When it was released, it featured a two-cylinder, water-cooled engine.

AC Cobra

The AC Cobra, manufactured in Britain, was founded in 1904. The company was called Autocar Accessories Limited. John Weller, the owner, produced a limited amount of vehicles which were called the Autocarrier. The Autocarrier was manufactured as a 5.6 horsepower, 1 cylinder engine that was air cooled. The company did a deal with the Ford Motor Company in 1961. This deal allowed for a Ford V8 engine to be developed for the line of vehicles. This then became known as the AC Cobra.



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