Classic motor cars - don't fall prey to con artists

If you're finally going to take the plunge and snap up the dream classic car you've been dreaming of, then it's worth going into the purchase with your eyes open. After all, you don't want to end up with a hunk of junk on your hands. Our aim today is to help you avoid this.

Classic motor cars remind us of our youth, and a time when cars were about style and elegance. The market for classic cars has never been larger, with more and more enthusiasts biting the bullet and snapping up their dream cars. The first thing we recommend is doing your homework on the car. Check out reports of how other people's are holding up, and get a detailed report of its condition off the person who is selling it.

Find out exactly what work, if any, needs to be carried out to make the car serviceable. It can be quite tempting to take on a restoration project on a rare classic if you find one in disrepair, but the parts for these cars may be sufficiently rare that it ends up costing you way more than you previously thought it would.

Where you will store the car should also enter your consideration. There's no point shelling out big bucks to restore a car if you're going to be storing it outside at the mercy of the elements. Only people who can store their cars in an indoor garage should consider purchasing a classic car. After all, you wouldn't buy an antique vase and leave it out in the garden!

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