clearance cars, find the one thats right for you.

Clearance cars, the signs are all over the forecourts, all over main dealers and even on the lone car parked at the side of the road. Everyone that has something to sell wants it gone right now and they just might be prepared to compromise on the price.

A general rule is that the price decreases the longer the car is for sale so if its marked as clearance, you need to check out the possibility that there is a genuine reason for that. While some garages offer warranties with their vehicles,that's not always a given and can be dependant on the cars age, condition and history.

For your own peace of mind,buying a car with even a limited warranty can prove to be financially prudent in the long term. You may expect to pay a bit more for cars with a warranty but it could turn out to be a wise investment.

Some clearance cars may be marked "Trade only" or "sold as seen" and this means that there is no warranty or comeback, in fact those particular vehicles could be more suitable as a project for a mechanic (to do up and sell on) than for someone looking for a car to drive away in. Always bring someone that knows their way around cars with you before you commit to buying one.

Reputable dealers stand over their cars, even the cut price ones, and there is an authority that can mediate if there is an issue that isn't being resolved to your satisfaction.

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