Compressed Air-Powered Cars

Zero Pollution Motors is taking reservations for initial deliveries for a 4-door, six seater, 75 hp, dual energy Air Car by 2010.

The Series 34 CATS (Compressed Air Technology System)engine is designed to run on dual energies—either fossil fuels and/or compressed air. While running on petrol, the compressor refills the compressed air tanks. Running up to 35mph only on compressed air, the engine uses a spray of petrol to heat and compress more air to achieve speeds up to 90mph. Costing virtually nothing to run (an estimated 30,000km interval for servicing the engine), and having a range of up to 1000miles, the Air Car will mark a monumental change from traditional petrol and electricity powered cars.

The Air Car will reach top speeds of 110 km/h and a range of 200 km, running on compressed air stored in high pressure, carbon-fibre tanks, about 150 times the pressure of tyres on a car. When injected into the engine, the air expands to drive the pistons to run the car, eliminating the need for burning polluting fuels in a typical petrol engine. It is estimated to take three to four hours to replenish 340 litres of air at 4350 psi in the tanks, at a probable cost of 1.5 Euros only!

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