Confederate to release the new C2 P-51 Fighter next year

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Earlier this year renowned designer Pier Terblanche joined Confederate Motors, the Alabama based boutique motorcycle company known for its exotic and very expensive bikes like the head turning Fighter, Wraith and Hellcat.

Terblanche is best known for his work with Ducati, and is the man responsible for the 999, one of the Italian manufacturers most controversial motorcycles, but he also created other iconic Ducati bikes like the Multistrada and Hypermotard and he also has worked with Piaggio, and worked with Miguel Galuzzion reviving the Moto Guzzi brand and a brief stint with Norton.

Described as an outspoken rebel by nature, the 56-year old South African born designer seems to have found his place as head of design and development with Confederate and has already gone to work to create and produce the new C2 Fighter, a new version of the highly acclaimed Fighter.

Details of the new 2015 C2 P-51 Fighter are still scarce (for the moment there is only the teaser rendering of the new machine) but Terblanche says the new model will be available in June or July of next year with only 31 units to be built.

The designer also reports that the C2 will continue with Confederate's history of using lightweight materials like aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and carbon fiber.

A new billet aluminum crankcase for the V-Twin engine will also shave off 40 pounds from the company's previous design and they will be introducing a new downdraft injection system which "will allow us to have more power and also improve the ergonomics of the motorcycle tremendously," said Terblanche.

With Confederate motorcycles usually selling around $100,000, we don't expect this one to be any less cheaper, with the new C2 probably ending up in the garages of the very rich and famous, as they usually do.

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