Corvette Stingray Aerowagon Heads for Production

Taking a Corvette Stingray and making it into an estate car could have been a bad idea but the engineers at Calloway have gone ahead and produced one anyway. The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray AeroWagon is sold as a conversion kit that adds a few thousand to the car’s price and a new look to the latest Corvette.

Calloway are using the “Shooting Brake” name to describe their latest creation, a term that other manufacturers are also adopting to describe their sleek estate shaped machines. A two-door shooting brake version of the Corvette seems pretty new and fresh, but there’s actually precedence for this. Back in 1954 Chevrolet unveiled a two door wagon under the Corvette Nomad moniker.

The kit has been advertised in US dollars and there hasn’t been an announcement concerning its availability in Europe. In the US, the Corvette conversion kit costs $15,000. For that drivers will get bare carbon fibre, as an additional $1,500 is needed to colour code it with the bodywork. The carbon construction is made using the Krämer Resin Transfer Molding (KRTM) process and Calloway has confirmed that the AeroWagon Corvette won't be too much heavier than the standard machine. The result it a rear hatch that can be easily opened to access the additional space which should be wide enough and long enough to accommodate a set of golf clubs.

PHOTO GALLERY: Corvette Stingray Aerowagon Heads for Production

This kit is something that Corvette enthusiasts will love or hate. There might not be too many buyers for the kit as it changes the looks dramatically and takes away the classic shape of the latest ‘Vette, which was unveiled at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show. Even if you are put off by the shape, this will make a great investment as the Corvette AeroWagon will definitely become a very rare and collectable car in generations to come.

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