Pick up a bargain by finding pre-owned council vans for sale

If you're in the market for a brand new van, but aren't willing or able to pay some of the prices being bandied about for brand new vehicles direct from showrooms or manufacturers, and find that some of the private sale options aren't quite up to standard, then you could benefit from doing a little research into the possibility of finding second hand council fans for sale either online or at a local auction.

There are enormous savings available for anyone willing to put a little effort into finding some of the great deals on offer from local councils who are trying to earn some money back on unused or recently upgraded vans, 4x4s and commercial vehicles.

Armed with a little knowledge, it's possible for you to knock thousands off the price you expected to pay for a second hand van, while still ensuring that you are getting a quality vehicle that will last you for as long as you need it.

Leading UK pre-owned car website www.preloved.co.uk has an entire section dedicated to the sale of ex council owned vans, Jeeps and other commercial vehicles for reduced prices.

A quick browse around the site quickly uncovers a number of fantastic deals including a Toyota Hilux 280 EX D3D Double Cab 4WD 4x4 with 98,700 miles on the clock for just £5,500 cash price, or maybe you'd prefer a 2001 Ford Transit 350LWB 90HP Tippers for £4,250 cash price. £6,950 gets you a 2005 Ford Transit 350 LWB Medium Roof with Tailgate 4 door panel van with just 38,800 miles on the clock, and for £2,999 you can be the new owner of a Citroen Berlingo 600KG Enterprise panel van with 31,400 miles on the clock.

These are just a selection of the wide range of council vans for sale, log on to www.preloved.co.uk today to find the latest bargains.

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