Coupe Cars - sporty without the hefty price tag!

Coupe cars are quite simply cars with a closed body style which can vary depending on the manufacturer. The term coupe has become synonymous with images of sports cars but this isn't necessarily the case. Features of coupe style cars can include 2 doors, instead of the more family friendly 4, and while the roof is a permanent fixture ( that is, it's not removable or a convertible) a sunroof will more than likely be present.

Hyundai and BMW offer a range of very popular coupe cars and the engine size is not too large that many motorists will find it off-putting. The Hyundai Coupe starts at a manageable 1.6 engine which puts it below the BMW 3 series.

While coupe cars might not be suitable for large families, as they generally only offer the capacity for 2 people in the front and another 2 in the back, they are a desirable model among the younger motorist because of their outwardly sporty appearance and optional extras.

Sites such as sgpetch.co.uk offer you the chance to buy Hyundai Coupe cars from a 1.6 engine right up to the 2.7 V6. The prices will vary depending on the mileage and specifications. It's also wise to take into account that the bigger the engine is, the higher your running costs are going to be, so think about the petrol, insurance and tax issues before you commit yourself to anything!

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