Crash driving test dummies

Figures released by the Driving Standards Agency show that last year nearly 100,000 driving tests resulted in a collision.

While 46.32 percent of 1.5 million candidates passed their test last year – a slight increase on 2009 – 112,000 candidates committed what's known in the trade as a 'dangerous fault', such as failing to judge the speed of an oncoming vehicle.

And in 339 cases either the candidate or the examiner was injured.

'It is all to do with people not observing effectively,' said Alan Esam, learning and development manager for the AA.

'If they are going to make a mistake at a junction it is because they are not seeing if there is anybody there.

'If they are going to make a mistake carrying out a manoeuvre, it is because they are missing another car in the same area.'

Next year an attempt will be made to make the driving test harder, with particular emphasis on stopping candidates learning theory questions off by heart. This might involve introducing a test study, to measure how candidates would react in a real-life situation.

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