Create a home away from home with conversion van parts

With some hard work, know-how and conversion van parts, you can build yourself a drive-away hotel room. Perfect for a single or couple, converted vans can be mini-motor homes with all the amenities of home.

What a Van Conversion Can Be

Although there are van conversions done for business reasons, the ones created for recreational purposes are, by far, the most fun. Conversions can be as simple as adding a row of fold-down seats that make into a bed, to full-on mini-motor home status.

Where to Find Conversion Parts

You may be able to find a limited supply of conversion equipment at the local car parts and auto accessories stores. The next place to look would be your local telephone book advertisements to find places in your area that sell conversion supplies. If these sources don’t supply what you are looking for, you can turn to the Internet.

Conversion Parts on the Internet

There are places that will sell you a fully converted van, but a do-it-yourself type would rather buy a used van and do the work themselves. The Internet offers a good sprinkling of places to buy van conversion kits for bathrooms, kitchens, bed, swivelling chairs, electrics and all types of other accessories. Here is a short list of a few websites and locations to look at.

  • VanXtras, vanxtras.co.uk, Unit 1, Westbrury Street, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 4QP
  • Rainbow Conversions Ltd., ranbowconversions.co.uk, Unit 1, Algores Way, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 2TQ
  • Kiravans, kiravans.co.uk, 20 Pottery Road, Bovey Tracey, Devon TQ13 9DS
  • Green Dog Campervan Parts Conversions, Ireland, greendogcampers.com, 086 793 1008
  • Torbay Camper Conversions Ltd., camperconversions.com, Lummaton Quarry Industrial Estate, Happaway Road, Torquay, Devon TQ2 8ES
  • Vans 4 Conversion, vans4conversion.co.uk
  • Campervan Conversion, campervanconversion.co.uk

With the conversion van parts you need for your van, you’ll soon be on the road, taking home with you.

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