Crusade against blue badge abusers

Have you noticed that there’s an indecent amount of able-bodied folks who, putting their own convenience above the rule of law, don’t think twice about using a disabled person’s blue badge parking space?

Disgrace that it is, both supermarkets and the government are to team up to fight this wave of immorality that’s sweeping the nation’s supermarket car parks.

Reforms to be proposed by Government Minister Norman Baker, supported bythe majority of supermarket chains, include a new Blue Badge design more difficult to forge,and more power to local authorities to enforce the law.

‘Many disabled people and disability groups have told me about the problems they have in finding a disabled bay at supermarkets because of their abuse by people who have no justification for parking in reserved spaces,’ Baker said.

‘I am delighted to have secured the support of the major supermarket groups and to know that they share my view that abuse of Blue Badge parking bays needs to be tackled, protecting customers who rely on such spaces. I hope other large retailers will now follow suit.’

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