Cut down the noise with new motorbike exhausts

When it is time to replace and look for motorbike exhausts, it is probably something that you haven’t bought very often. Knowing where to look for exhausts for your motorbike can be a big mystery. As a motorcycle rider, you know the great feeling it gives you of being close to the road and hearing the wind rush past. You don’t want a noisy exhaust ruin that feeling.

Getting a New Exhaust from the Dealer

Visiting nearby motorcycle shops and sellers can be the first place to look for new exhausts. Checking with the dealer that sells the make of motorbike that you own is the best bet. Buying important motorcycle parts like exhausts from the dealer will assure you of getting an exhaust that was made for your type of motorcycle. That assurance, however, also often comes at a higher price than you might pay elsewhere for a comparable muffler.

Shops Specialising in Exhausts

There are great shops in the UK that specialise in exhausts for motorcycles and many create their own designs based on looks and performance. They not only create street-legal exhausts, but racing exhausts as well. Check these out if you are looking for something a bit special.

  • BR Special Tuning, motorcycle-exhausts.co.uk, Milkwood, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5PL – they carry Decat Pipes, Arrow Exhausts, KR Tuned Exhausts, and many others
  • Motad, motad.co.uk, Unit 1, Unity Building, Robottom Close, Leamore Lane, Walsall WS2 7EB – designer and manufacturer
  • Fuel Exhausts, fuelexhausts.com, Unit 5, Fell View, Shap Road Industrial Estate, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 6NZ – designer and manufacturer
  • Quill Exhausts, guillexhausts.com, Unit 18, Golborne Enterprise Park, Kidglove Road, Golborne, Warrington WA3 3DP – designer and manufacturer

Other Exhaust Sellers

If the specialists are a bit too pricey for you, here are some websites to check. These shops sell all types of motorcycle parts and accessories.

  • Motorcycleparts-uk.co.uk
  • Motorcycleproducts.co.uk
  • Ray Fisher’s Britbits, britbits.co.uk, specialises in British motorcycles
  • Motorcyclepartsuk.net

Any of these sellers can have the perfect selection of motorbike exhausts to suit your taste and make of motorcycle.

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