Top 3 DAB Radios for Cars

There are not many places that you can turn up your stereo and blast out some tunes that are quite like your car. For the absolute best in car sounds then you will be interested to learn more about DAB radios for cars. Lets take a look at the top 3 available in the UK at the moment.

Digital Quality in your Car

First things first though, what is a DAB radio? DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and it represents the future of radio just as digital television has taken over from analog television services. Having a DAB radio in your car allows you to access a greater number of stations in full and clear quality. Lets take a look now at the top 3 DAB radios for cars in the UK market in terms of performance and price.

The first radio we recommend is the Pioneer DEH-X8500DAB. Pioneer have been living up to their name since their inception and have lead the way in the car radio market for many years. This trend is continuing with DAB radios and the DEH-X8500DAB which retails for approximately £170. This radio ships with DAB radio, a CD slot and 2 USB ports so you can plug in your own music or iPod hassle free. You can purchase it directly from www.pioneer.co.uk or alternatively drop into your local Halfords store to pick one up today.

Next up, the Sony CDX-DAB500U is another fine example of supercharging your car speakers with quality sounds. This radio also ships with a USB slot to connect your music player to supplement the quality DAB radio and CD options. You can pick one of these up at Halfords for around £120 and for that money you will not be disappointed.

Top Pick

Finally, our top pick for DAB radios for cars has to be the Kenwood KDC-DAB4557U. Selling for just over £110, this radio has everything you need at an affordable price including a USB slot, DAB radio and a CD slot. This radio has a lovely little feature where in areas of weak signals it will switch automatically between DAB and FM/AM to ensure you get the best signal available at all times.

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