Dacia Logan MCV: Budget Motoring Without the Drawbacks

The Dacia Logan MCV is cheap and practical. It’s not going to set anyone’s heart alight or grab too much attention on the road, but the Logan MCV makes people pay attention when they hear the price. At just £6,995 there’s nothing on the road that it can be compared with. This is a modern and functional estate car for the price of a small, cheap city runabout.

The MCV part of the Dacia Logan's name means “maximum capacity vehicle” and the Logan justifies this tag inside where 573 litres of boot space is found. That can be improved to 1,518 litres when the back seats are pushed down which puts it close to the capacity found in the Volvo V70, which at £25,695 is nearly £19,000 more than the Dacia.

Power for the entry-level machine comes from a 1.4 litre petrol engine that develops 74bhp. A turbocharged 89bhp three-cylinder engine is also available, and there’s a 1.5 litre turbodiesel option. The base-level “Access” comes with four airbags and ISOFIX points for a child seat, the “Ambiance” spec machine comes with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and the range topping “Laureate” adds a leather bound steering wheel, a higher spec radio, air conditioning, electric windows and heated door mirrors.

The entry-level machine is pretty basic but it’s practical, cheap and functional. It’s fairly unremarkable as it’s not particularly brilliant at anything, but equally, it’s not particularly bad at anything either. Body roll is kept to a minimum but it’s nowhere near to class leading and the steering is lifeless but responsive enough. The ride is fine over bumpy roads and the engine is smooth and responsive enough for most journeys.

With all the practicalities you would expect from an estate car like 60:40 split rear seats and 16 storage compartments, this is a car that will suit most family’s lifestyle as well as it suits most family’s finances.

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