Damaged motorcycles for sale in the UK

There are a variety of companies that offer damaged motorcycles for sale in the UK. These bikes are considerably cheaper as they have been damaged. This means that people can afford bikes that were previously out of their price range. They can be repaired for a fraction of the cost and are often taken on as a hobby by bike enthusiasts to fix up in their spare time.

The best place to find damaged motorcycles is on the internet. RsMotorcycles have been in operation sine 1988 and can be found at rsmotorcycles.co.uk. A 1995 Honda19 which has been repaired will cost £1495 and a 01 Honda08 with cosmetic damage will cost £1295. They can deliver the motorcycle to anywhere in the UK mainland for a reasonable price, usually within a week of purchase.

Another fantastic site in which to purchase a damaged motorcycle is chesiremotorcyclesalvage.com. A 2004 APRILIARSV1000 NERA superbike will cost £9950, which is a very reasonable cost for such a fast bike. There is an option on the site to choose between vehicles under 600cc, 600-750cc and superbikes.

The buying and selling of repaired motorcycles has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a much more affordable option for people on lower incomes, to be able to purchase their dream motorcycle.

It is also a viable option to purchase a damaged motorcycle and split it up and sell it for parts on eBay. It might take time to realise a profit but a substantial profit can be made

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