Detroit Auto Show 2014: Toyota FT-1 revealed

Toyota is using the 2014 Detroit Auto Show to unveil a future car that also draws on the firm’s history. Their calling the Toyota FT-1 concept sports car a “spiritual pace car” for their future and their expecting it to make a big impression on the American public.

The concept machine has been designed by Toyota’s US-based Calty Design Research team. The FT-1, which means “Future Toyota 1” hints at the shape of future sports cars from the Japanese car maker and perhaps give a glimpse into some future design aesthetics that we will see across their model range.

At the Detroit Auto Show Alex Shen, Calty’s chief designer said: “The FT-1 is a dream project for a designer and car enthusiasts like myself. It is an aggressive, track-focused sports car concept with a presence that has been amplified for shock and awe.”

During the new car’s unveiling, Toyota went to great lengths to remind us that sports cars are nothing new for them. The marque’s performance car history includes machines like the Supra, MR2 and 2000GT so if this concept makes it to production it will join a long list of remarkable Toyota sports cars.

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Since the Supra was discontinued in America 16 years ago, Toyota have not had a sports car to market to American buyers. Now that Honda’s NSX name is being resurrected by the firm’s American brand, Acura, perhaps this is the time for Toyota to do likewise with the Supra nameplate. The Scion FR-S compact sports car from Toyota’s youth-focused brand fills a part of the void left by the Supra but Toyota need to push their sporting credentials in the American market where they’re known for the Tundra pickup truck and the Toyota Camry.

The Detroit Auto Show continues until Sunday January 26. We’ll bring you more from the show before it closes.

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