Detroit Motor Show

Expect big things from this year’s Detroit Motor Show. Nearly 800,000 people are expected to attend the show, that opens to the public this Saturday, and media registrations are set to top 5,000 – up 4, 536 from last year.

After struggling with the economy for the past three years, the show seems to have got its mojo back. A jam-packed Day 1 on Monday saw musicians on strike from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra demonstrate against Ford outside the Cobo Centre because they want Ford to stop supporting the DSO during their strike.

Ford announced Ford that it plans to launch 50 vehicles and engines in its Asia Pacific and Africa region by 2015 in order to catch up with competitors in China and India. The car giant mentioned in passing that it expects 70% growth in the region over the next 10 years.

Green technologies were on display at the Detroit show, including a new line of Prius cars and Ford’s ne electric range. But not everyone shares the optimism of carmakers thinking that green is the way to go. ‘The industry is set up for its biggest failure in its history,’ said auto analyst Dennis DesRosiers, ‘They're showing a whole pile of products that consumers are not going to buy. They've missed 99% of the market.’

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