An Introduction to Deus Motorcycles

Company Introduction

Deus motorcycles, or to give them their official name, Deus ex Machina (god from the machine) Customs, are a custom motorcycle company which operates several workshops across Australia, Indonesia and America. "Deus" is pronounced "day-us". They are a popular company with a prominent cultural place in the motorcycle communities of these areas.

Deus motorcycles have been in action since 2006 and have a strong company ethos that doing something is more fun that just owning something. Deus claim that they celebrate a culture of creativity as well as providing excellent custom made motorcycles are motorcycle parts. The is an air of industry in company operations and this explains why it is so popular amongst alternative street artists and bold designers. Deus motorcycles exhibit a passion for the simple machinery of life, whether that be industrial or emotional machinery. Activities such as surfing, skateboarding and other extreme sports are as equally enjoyed within the walls of the Deus workshops as the sport of motorcycles. Put in Deus's own words, "[t]he way forward is one up, four down."


Deus motorcycles are based in many locations all over Australia, Indonesia and America. Company headquarters are spread across a 1600 square foot warehouse in Camperdown, Sydney, Australia. The HQ boasts some fantastic artworks and a trendy cafe, as well as the open warehouse. There is also a smaller shop in operation in 344 Bourke Street, Sydney. In Indonesia, Deus motorcycles have bases in Canggu and in Oberoi, and in the United States of America, the company has a base on Venice Boulevard in Venice Beach, California.


To find out more, see their website: Deuscustoms.com

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