Dexter helmet becomes a bestseller thanks to French President Hollande trysts

French President François Hollande's secret trysts with 41-year old actress Julie Gayet have helped bolster the sales of Dexter helmets.

When French magazine Closer featured a series of photographs of a man, identified as President Hollande, on the back of a MP3 scooter on his way to clandestine meetings with his mistress, he was often seen wearing a black Dexter helmet.

The pictures may have been a worldwide embarrassment for the French president but it turned out to be a windfall for company Motoblouz who produces that particular helmet.

Since the photos were published the Dexter helmets have been sold out,and the model previously called Milano has now been re- baptized 'Dexter President' is now being billed as a 'Star des Medias'(media star).

The company usually sells around 20,000 helmets a year, but after the publication of the photos they sold 1,000 Dexter President's - that were on sale at 199 euros - in just 24 hours.

Motoblouz was so grateful to Hollande that the company’s CEO Thomas Thumerelle took out an open letter ad in French daily Liberation to thank the him for choosing their helmet.

Regarding the ad Themerelle told FRANCE 24: “We were both extremely surprised and deeply proud to see the president wearing one of our helmets. We though the most appropriate response would be to write him an open letter, both sincere and a bit tongue-in-cheek, to thank him for the excellent publicity.”

The text of the ad more or less reads:

"Thank you Mr President – for having used our helmet for your personal protection”.

"Dear President,

Since the publication of recent photos of you on a scooter wearing our brand Dexter helmet, this model is sold out, victim of its success.

We salute the choice of a French brand for your two wheel rides ... Dexter is an exclusive creation of Motoblouz.

Other models await you on our site for future secure getaways.

You will also see that we have a collection of women’s jackets, which would make an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

Struggling to make your choice, your heart can't decide? Don't hesitate to call out motorcycle consultants to guide you."

Sincerely, Thomas Thumerelle , Motoblouz.com CEO

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