Diabetic drivers' licence threat

Diabetes UK has reported a sharp increase in the number of drivers whose licences have been revoked, following the introduction of a new EU directive last September.

The directive states that if a diabetic driver suffers two 'hypos' within a twelve month period their licence should be revoked.

'We have had a number of motorists contact us to say their licences have been revoked,' said a spokesperson. 'The number does appear to be increasing in recent months.'

One sign of the increased strictness of the DVLA is that now nocturnal attacks seem to be taken in account whereas before they were not. 'We believe that people with diabetes do not pose a greater risk than other motorists as long as they take all the necessary precautions every time they drive,' the spokesperson for the charity added.

Bob Russell, Lib-Dem MP for Colchester, told the House of Commons: Clearly we must not have people who are medically unfit driving vehicles but that is not the case here.

'Yet the DVLA is interpreting it in a way which if carried out could lead to people having their licences taken away when they are perfectly competent to drive and may have done so for decades.'

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