What is the best diesel engine Jaguar?

If you're in the market for a Jaguar car and you'd prefer a diesel model, then we want to recommend the Jaguar X-Type D. In our opinion it's the best diesel engine Jaguar, and in this blog we're going to explain why.

This is a luxury car that offers a ride like few others. It has some serious grunt below the bonnet, clocking up speeds of up to 125 mph with ease, while also providing an unbelievably frugal diesel consumption of 50.3 miles per gallon. It's quiet and unobtrusive, and perfect for someone looking for a car that's elegant without making a song and dance about it.

The X-Type's engine is the same turbo charged one you'll find in the Ford Mondeo. The gear box only has five speeds, but don't let this put you off. The five speeds are all brilliantly done. It's better to have five perfect settings rather than a wonky six right?

Unlike a lot of other diesel engines, this Jaguar will purr along quietly despite being a 129 brake horse power behemoth. Performance is acceptable, with nought to 60 mph taking 9.5 seconds. Performance is roundly comparable to the 2 litre petrol model, but in our opinion it feels a little livelier, leaving you under no illusions that you are at the wheel of a brilliant car.

Prices start at £19,995 for the basic model, although the £22,350 Sport is the one to have. We can't recommend them enough. Check them out today!

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