Top cars for disabled drivers

Vehicles with disability access play an important role in helping people live with disability. When deciding on the right disabled vehicle for you it is important to shop around. Many of these vehicles have similar features but there can be a difference in price and quality. The following are some of the best cars for disabled drivers.

Peugeot Independence

The Peugeot Independence is a fully wheelchair accessible vehicle for disabled drivers. It comes in a wide range of modes and finishes which can accommodate up to six seated passengers. The car also gives you the choice of whereabouts the wheelchair is positioned inside. This vehicle starts from £15,995 plus vat.

Volkswagen Vista

Volkswagen manufactures some of the most efficient and safest cars in the world. The Volkswagen Vista is based on the VW Caddy and is a flexible, multi passenger vehicle with considerable space. The car has a flatfold wheelchair ramp which allows for extra space. Starting price is just £18,395 plus vat.

Renault Autograph

The Renault Autograph provides easy access for wheelchair and able bodied passengers and comes in a choice of automatic and manual models. This vehicle is based on the Renault Kangoo and has been converted for optimal wheelchair use. The car was designed with a focus on driver and passenger comfort. The starting price for the basic model is just £13,995.

Vauxhall Combo Tour

The Vauxhall Combo Tour seats up to four people and comes with air conditioning and has great fuel economy. Other features include power steering and central locking. The vehicle has a fold down ramp and access is safe and easy.

As can be seen there are a number of high quality cars for disabled drivers. The vehicle you choose will depend on a number of factors including features and price. When deciding bear in mind what you will be using the vehicle for and how often you will be driving it.

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