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Discount cars, the words that herald the dark days of the recession. In the boom times, there was an abundance of new, sporty and luxury cars tearing up the motorways and the country roads. Impossibly young looking drivers sitting behind the wheels of expensive saloons were a regular sight and nobody thought it was ever going to end.

Of course what goes up must come down and now that is especially true of car prices. Those saloons and sports cars have now become an albatross around the neck of some drivers and they've been sold off to avoid accruing any more debt. The main dealers are toting their most attractive scrappage schemes yet and economy is now the buzzword for the generation. Gone is the mentality of bigger equals better, now the question is, "Is it good on fuel?".

Discount cars are widely available. Local garages, main dealers, online and local newspapers all carry a staggering selection of used and discounted cars. The positive side of the recession is that items are now being priced realistically and, in the case of cars, there can be room for negotiation. Even if the price itself is fixed, try lengthen the warranty or get more extras. It really is a buyers market so use it while you can. New cars depreciate from the moment you drive them off the forecourt so consider your budget and your requirements before making a decision. Always bring a mechanic with you to check out a pre-owned vehicle and drive safely!

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