Does owning an electric cars save money?

Do you really save money driving an electric car? Given that this is new technology that’s not easily fixed by your local mechanic, does owning an electric cars save money in the long run? We’ve taken a look at the running costs associated with a typical full electric vehicle to work that one out for you.

The life of two comparable cars

You need to compare two very similar cars to get an idea of whether the electric version will be cheaper. We’ve taken a look at the Ford Focus STand the Focus Electric. The helpful guys at Ford USA have made the following official comparison of the costs of running these two very similar cars.

Ford Focus ST

The following numbers are in US Dollars as the comparison was carried out by the American arm of Ford but they make compelling reading to UK drivers in any case. The cost of the petrol car is $24,495. The engine repair cost which is estimated as a 5th of the car’s cost is $4,899 and 8 years of fuel comes in at $16,222. That’s a total cost to the motorist of $45,616.

Ford Focus Electric

The same figures for the electric car begin with a higher purchase price of $39,995. There’s a battery replacement to consider too. That costs $13,500. No major engine costs with this one but you’ll have fuel charges amounting to $5,067 for all that electric juice the vehicle will use. The total comes to $58,562.

Final word

Ok, the electric Ford Focus is more expensive right now but the difference in running costs of $12,946 is not as great as the difference in the purchase price (that stands at $15,500). As more electric versions are sold and less petrol Focuses are found on the roads, the price difference will get closer. This means that it won’t be too long before the balance is tipped in favour of the electric car.

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