Done Deal alloy wheels; the cheapest way to buy alloy wheels

Done Deal and alloy wheels are a match made in heaven. Done Deal is Ireland's number one website when it comes to making some real savings. They are basically like Ireland's very own Craigs List.

People can buy and sell from Done Deal and there are some seriously low priced items on sale. This is not an eBay clone where you bid on the item, basically if you match the asking you can buy it there and then. of course there is always room for negations but this is not an auction website.

The website (http://www.donedeal.ie) is very easy to find your way around. It only takes a matter of seconds to find the alloys section and see what's on offer. They are listed in order of most recent so if you are looking for cheap then be sure to set the filter to 'Price'.

Once you are in the alloys section you can simply browse until you have found something that suits. We have done a bit of searching ourselves and managed to come up with some great low costs alloys.

18'' Alloys: We found a beautiful set of 18'' alloys for only €400. These would normally cost €400 per alloy, this is €400 for the set. They are in near perfect condition and the tyres are at 90% so you will find it hard to beat a deal this good.

ANTERA Alloys: Here we have a set of Antera alloys for only €250 for the set. Antera are one of the worlds leading alloy manufacturers and generally cost between €280 to €900 per wheel. You can check them out on the Performance Alloys (http://www.performancealloys.com) website. This is an incredible price for Antera's only made possible on Done Deal.

Done Deal alloy wheels are truly top notch. They are cheap and the website is very user friendly so be sure to check them out and see what's on offer.


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