Donedeal Ford Focus alloy wheels; the best way to buy

Donedeal and Ford Focus alloy wheels are a match made in heaven. A lot of people really look for Ford Focus alloys but they are usually massively expensive. Luckily, thanks to Dondeal, this really isn't a problem anymore.

Donedeal is an Irish website that is basically like a 'Buy and Sell' style website. All you have to do is search for what you are looking for and if they are for sale you will see a list of everything available. It's really that simple. Then you just make an offer and your good to go.

Ford alloy wheels 15" 4stud 4x108: We found these on Donedeal for only €60 each. There are four for sale and they all come with tyres. They have been lightly used so you might be able to haggle for a few quid less. One thing about Donedeal, don't be afraid to haggle, people expect it.

Ford Focus 5 stud alloys: Here we have a set of four alloys for sale, these cannot be bout in singles. Again they come wrapped so there is no need to buy new tyres. These alloys will fit any Focus between 2005 and 2011 so if you have one, these are a great bargain at only €200 for the set.

As with any sales on Donedeal all of their contact info is available on the page. There can also be scammers so make sure to inspect anything before you purchase, that's not to say be afraid though. There are great deals to be had and it's easy to see if someone is trying to steal a few extra euros from you.

Donedeal Ford Focus alloy wheels, well worth a look if your in the market for some new alloys!

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