Don't get ripped off at classic car auctions

Are you finally going to treat yourself and splash out on that dream classic car? Buying a classic is a brilliant investment. However, it's worth doing your homework on classic car auctions before taking the plunge, as it's always a case of "Let the buyer beware" when it comes to classics.

There is never a shortage of classic cars for sale, or enthusiasts willing to buy. The shelves of your local newsagent are probably stuffed with magazines advertising classic car sales and auctions. Popular titles in the range include Practical Classics and Classics. Both of these magazines will point you in the direction of reputable classic auctions.

If you've identified the classic car that you want to buy, then a couple of questions should be entering your head when approaching the seller. Why are they selling? How long have they owned the car? How often do they use it? Are any spare parts included? Does it have any history as regards to MOTs and receipts? If you get a satisfactory answer to all these questions, then you should feel a lot more comfortable about buying.

We also suggest taking a jack with you when you go to view the car, as you'll get a real idea of the condition of a car from taking a look at the innards. Check the paintwork for rotting, and always ask to see the engine started from cold at least twice. Once this level of homework has been carried out, you should be reasonably confident the car is high quality.

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