Don't mix: young drivers and old cars

Half of young drivers who were badly injured or killed in car accidents were in vehicles more than a decade old, according to new research.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has since urged parents to step in and help their offspring to afford a car with better safety features.

'It makes sense that any driver will take better care of a new car, and especially one which they're still paying for,' said IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig. 'Young drivers are the highest risk group on our roads and the insurance industry claims that 20 per cent of young drivers crash in their first year.

'Parents should help their child choose the best car they can get for their money. A new car won't be an option for everybody but there are plenty of used cars that will be almost as good – you do need to do some thorough research though,' he added.

Young Marmalade, a company specialising car insurance for young drivers, have concluded from IAM's research that young drivers are safer driving new, low-powered cars with more safety features.

Nigel Lacy, co-founder of Young Marmalade, said: 'We fully support the IAM recommendations but at Young Marmalade we have taken that thinking a stage further and offer the car and insurance as a combined package.'

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