Don't Vet against him

Kimi Raikkonen can see no further than his pal Sebastian Vettel to take the 2011 F1 crown and become world champion for the second time.

With just 8 races to go and an 85-point-lead, you'd think that it doesn't take a former champion to predict the outcomes of this year's championship. But Vettel's not quite the runaway success he was earlier this year.

'Quite often the situation levels off by the end if someone has pulled out early in the season,' the Fin said.

'(But) Vettel probably doesn't even have to win any more races in order to stay in front until the end.'

Raikkonen is not currently in Formula One, but while admitting he's not so keen on the way things go with the cars these days, he's not ruling out returning. 'I don't know,' he answered to questions about whether he might return.

'Even if you ask the same thing a hundred different ways, the answer stays the same. If I don't know then nobody else does either.'

Raikkonen is sceptical about the DRS overtaking rear wing system and other technical developments in Formula One.

'It doesn't have anything to do with real overtaking,' he said. 'All you do is move close and push a button and the guy in front can't do anything about it.

'I guess they are trying to push it in the right direction, maybe it's good for the TV, but for the drivers it's not so good.'

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